Adam Long originally set out to become a teacher in elementary education, and quickly found during his first year that his head and his heart were in the world of art.  After writing a book and spending several years in his family's furniture business he realized where his true passion lied and made his way back into art, making a go of it professionally in 2017.  Being an artist full time allowed Adam to fulfill his dream of helping people - especially children - find their own passions through art.

Over the past two years Adam has expanded to work with a variety of subject matters and mediums, developing from his beginnings of stippling work.  He was able to sell many of his works at Greetings and TIS Bookstore after acquiring licensing with IU Trademarks, leading to then more commission jobs allowing Adam to further his passion even still.  By now, Adam was also giving instructions in art to children and adults with private lessons.  Still, until this point his art was pen and pencil. 

Adam began his painting career with oil paints on canvas, using his fingers and holding off picking up a brush until absolutely necessary.  The necessity came in 2018, but once he picked up a brush there was no stopping him!  He has since completed many canvas works, traveling murals, mixed media on windows and doors, and large scale murals.