Movable Murals


 Muralist Adam Long has created these mini-models of his amazing masterpieces that fit perfectly inside a home or office!  Some examples of themes are animals, landscapes, super heroes, or images from your favorite movies or tv shows, sports related themes. 

These Movable Murals will be available in the Online Shop very soon!

"Everyone should have the opportunity to surround themselves with positive images to brighten their days."   

   -Adam Long


* Murals are $500 for a 4x8 foot.  They are painted on birch veneer wood. They are completed movable. They are painted in the studio and then installed in your destination.




And also-

Movable Murals is excited to announce a team form of the project!  Teams can paint a mural TOGETHER for a team bonding experience! Coaches, gym owners, and rec league directors can organize this project!


The Movable Murals Program hopes to reach people not only to beautify their homes and businesses, but to give children and adults access to images painted on large scale, movable, mountable surfaces. By accepting sponsors, Adam is able to offer a limited scholarship program in which individuals can nominate those in need for their everyday environment.  This process will connect businesses or individuals to the recipients of the scholarships in a way that can change quality of life, extend life, inspire, motivate, encourage, and brighten any given day for years to come.

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* Limited scholarship options available for kids in need.

Tell us your story or nominate someone in need! 


*Want to become a Sponsor? Contact Adam!!